Dental Marketing Made Easy, Trackable, and with a ROI

One of the medical niche industries we cater to thanks to backed results and success with current dentists we help is the dental industry.

We have several testimonials, case studies and results we can share with you when it comes to marketing your dental practice. We help get your dental practice on the first page of Google in front of patients already searching for a dentist in their area that can help them.

We help dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists and companies in the dental industry. We manage all of your online presence including your search engine presence on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We also have technology to track the results down to the length of a call of a lead.

We own several dental related websites where we produce quality content as we can for you and your practice. Also, we built dental brands like DentalClix Dental SEO, Dental SEO Agency, DIAP Media Dental and others that we own exclusively and only allow our dental clients on. Our dental site network is another advantage our dental marketing has for our clients vs. competitors.

dental marketingWe manage dental marketing plans and strategies for:

  • Periodontist Marketing
  • Orthodontist Marketing
  • Oral Surgeon Marketing
  • Pediatric Dental Marketing
  • Dental Implant Marketing
  • General Dentist Marketing
  • Family Dentist Marketing
  • Cosmetic Dentist Marketing

Dedicated Dental Marketing Consultants

We are dedicated to your account and offer exclusivity. We have a a dedicated dental marketing consultant that helps drive more local new patients via Google strategies with content marketing, SEO, PPC ads and call tracking.

We can show you dental marketing ROI every month and optimize your account each month to help you get more patients in your chairs with you and your dental hygienists.

Dental Marketing Ideas in 2018

All of our dental marketing ideas and strategies are up to date, fresh, proven and created for dental marketing in 2018. Let’s face just like you, your patients are online and we get you more attention in front of new customers searching for your services with no one in mind or no dental practice in mind. We only share our dental marketing ideas to our client base of dentists across the country where we exclusively help them grow their dental office.

If you want to learn more about our dental marketing plans please contact us at 888-863-7421


Dental Marketing Bonus:

*When calling ask about our great article on marketing your dental practice from our parent company DIAP Media that is the umbrella company to our dental brands, services and dental marketing strategies.

**Call us for a FREE dental marketing audit of your website and we can show you if it has any SEO value or traction with Google!

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