PPC Management

PPC Management Service

For All Your PPC Advertising Management on Google

We Use Google's Keyword Planner and Advanced Paid Keyword Research Tools to Determine a Google Ad Budget that will get you the Best PPC Results on Google. We Set Up, Monitor, Manage, Optimize and Track Google Adwords for our clients every month.

  • Keyword Research for Budget Reccomendations
  • Campaign, Ad Groups, Text Ads, Ad Extensions and Quality Scores
  • Custom Landing Pages Included
  • Call Tracking Included and You Can Listen to the Calls
  • Monthly Reporting
ppc management

Google PPC Management

Our Best PPC Management Services

Complete Google Adwords PPC Management Services from Keyword Research for budget suggestions to Landing Pages and Call Tracking of every PPC Campaign

Keyword Research

Smart Budget Ranges

We use Google's Keyword Planner tool along with other technology and software we pay for to make sure you don't under or overspend with your monthly Google Ads budget

Google Adwords

PPC Campaign Management

Complete Campaign Monitoring

We set up Google PPC campaigns, ad groups, text ads, conversions, ad extensions, top page bids, negative keywords, and monitor PPC bids daily

Custom Landing Pages

30% Boost in Leads

We have tested our Landing Pages vs. Client sites and have had a minimum 30% increase in leads using our custom built landing pages. We include landing pages with every PPC campaign

ppc reporting

Monthly Reporting

Daily Tracking

We monitor and adjust campaigns daily depending on how long the campaign has been running and how often the keyword bids have to be changed. Every Month we Provide a Calls & Conversions Report so you can see monthly ROI

PPC Management Pricing

Premium PPC Management Plans

We charge a minimal fee based on budget and performance. Also, due to our optimization we are technically saving you money because of our high quality scores and experience we can get keywords for 10% to 50% less then you could trying to do it yourself.