Ubersuggest, is a FREE Keyword Research Tool that Neil Patel purchased and made better to help the SEO and Digital Marketing Community. 


This is our review of Ubersuggest and completely free Keyword Tool that helps SEO and Google Ads marketers with learning what are the best keywords to target by competition and search volume. 

Ubersuggest Pricing & Cost

As I mentioned its FREE, Can’t beat that. Although we have paid subscriptions to SEMRush and AHREFs and use Google’s Keyword Planners as a Google Agency Partner


Neil Patel Launches Ubersuggest 2.0 a newer better version for free!

I promised you months back that I was going to release a newer, better version of Ubersuggest for free.

And can you guess what?

I just released it! 🙂

Before I go into the features of the new Ubersuggest and how it works, I just want to tell you that not all of the features have been released yet.

For the first release, I focused on keyword research.

So let’s dive into the new Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool

The Ubersuggest keyword tool gives 7 Different SEO Value Points along with PPC ones too! 

  1. Domain Overview
  2. Top SEO Pages
  3.  Keyword Suggestions
  4. Content Ideas
  5. Backlink Data
  6. Competitor’s Domain Data
  7. Site Audit

As you can see this tool like many others (Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension and Too, AHREFS, and SEMRush keyword and domain data but for FREE) 

Below we provided a screenshot of all 6 of these features so you can see the visual data that is provided by Ubersuggest. 

We used a site “DIAP Media” another SEO agency in the Arizona market. 

google autosuggest google instantUbersuggest is one of the best Website Keyword Research, Content, and Reverse Engineering Tools. 

It gives you data that allows you to reverse engineer what Google likes about websites that are on the first page of Google for whatever keyword you search or want to target while giving you data on which are the best keywords to target relevant to your website or your competitors websites. 

At any time if Google changes their Algorithms you can go to the first page of of Google and still use a tool like Ubersuggest to see what the websites on the first page rank for, how their website structure is set up, and what types of pages or content they have that Google loves to show. 

The only other Keyword Tools I would recommend for FREE is 

  • Google’s Keyword Planner Tool
  • Google Trends
  • Keywords Everywhere (Chrome extension)
  • Google Instant or Google Autosuggest (when you start typing in Google they have a drop down of keywords that are relevant and the most popular to the letters you start typing in Google’s Search Engine, picture above) 
  •  Google’s “Searches related to” section at the bottom of the search result page of Google for every keyword you search

If you are willing to pay for a keyword tool or want more insights on a website’s traffic, backlinks, and what the website ranks for and why I would suggest these PAID Keyword Research tools


Ubersuggest Other Value add

Some other benefits of Ubersuggest that are rarely talked about on other blogs or YouTube videos that review the Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool by Neil Patel is how you can use this tool very easily on a GotoMeeting, Zoom Call, or in person with a potential client. 

If you are an SEO Agency you can go right to the tool in any browser and put in a prospects website and show them exactly all the opportunities to make their website better and how their competition’s websites rank compared to them. 

Ubersuggest presents the data in such a user friendly easy to understand way it’s a great sales tool to sell SEO to new clients. And lastly it does provide CPC (cost per click) data if that client were to start a Google Ad campaign with you it shows them an average CPC rate to help determine a Google Ads budget or the VALUE of SEO as well. 

If they see a keyword is $50 per click as an example and you say “If you were to run Google ads just for this 1 keyword you want let alone 100s of others, 100 clicks could easily cost you $5,000 per month. However if you have time and believe in SEO once we get you on the first page for this keyword (as long as it’s not super competitive relative to their website authority) you can get in front of those searches and those clicks are FREE and I will charge you $2,500 per month Mr./Mrs. client to help you get on the first page of Google for those keywords and keywords like it.