Looking For a Raven Tools Alternative?

seo toolsOver the last few months we found ourselves looking for a Raven Tools (SEO & Internet Marketing Tools) alternative.

We loved having Raven Tools as our primary agency tool to report rankings, use SEMRush, and use their link building tools for our clients. Another big advantage was the white labeled PDF report features that saved us time in creating custom reports on the fly and sending them to our clients.

We even found Raven Tools when searching for a web based SEO tool when we decided not to renew with SEO Powersuite with Link Assistant. At the time they were the best web based SEO tool we could find.

However, 2 of the 3 main seo tools we used heavily they decided to get rid of because they rather keep their Google Adwords API which we never used at all. The research and data we get from Google Adwords Tools directly are sufficient. So we started searching all of the blogs, forums, and Google for a “Raven Tools alternative”. In the meantime, we stopped paying Raven Tools and signed up directly with SEMRush since this was one of the integrated tools they got rid of as well.

We noticed this blog post they did on the first page of Google for our Raven Tools alternative search. Once we saw this kick ass comparison table we signed up pretty quickly for their $1.00 free trial.

After a week or so of using their platform we have to say we finally found the most complete SEO software solution and are even thinking of cancelling our SEMRush and SEOMoz¬†subscriptions¬† (we are in a 30 day test of SEOMoz, haven’t used it in years and still not a good fit for us with Software like SEOProfiler out there)