How to Rank on Google’s First Page?

Every website owner that uses their website for sales and profits wants to know how to rank on Google’s first page? Specifically how can you rank your website on a the first page of Google for the targeted profitable keyword terms that will make you money?

Well recently we stumbled upon this awesome infographic to show you currently what the “2012” Google Ranking factors that work the most.

In our experience it has always been about content links. Well you if you provide killer content then naturally you will build a great online reputation, brand, and attract links. But if you wanted to aggressively go after the first page results of Google you can build up links in a diverse manner just like an investment portfolio.

google ranking factors

If this looks like a lot of work, to hard to understand, or you just want an internet marketing & seo firm that will execute a link building strategy for you to help rank on the first page of the search engines like Google let us know at 888-863-7421.