Google Marketing, Strategy, and Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Google Marketing

If you are looking for ways to grow your business online I’m sure you used Google right? Well, if you just used Google to find our Google Marketing post don’t you think new potential customers are doing the same with keywords that are relevant to your business?

Makes sense so far right?

However, maybe you heard that Google search engine marketing can get you more traffic and customers to your site but you don’t have a clue on how to use Google to attract those customers. Below we will highlight some of the best Google marketing strategies we use to help our customers get new leads every month and grow their business with the best ROI.

Google Adwords “PPC, Pay per click Ads & Management”

First, Google has an advertising program called Google Adwords this platform generates the majority of their 67 billion in revenue each year. Why does it generate so much cash? It’s simple because it works. And the best part about this platform is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad after they searched using keywords you want to target. Google’s Adwords platform allows you to target via location, keywords, and text ads you can control.

As a Google partner we can manage all of the complexities to make sure you don’t under or overspend with your Google adwords budget and make sure you get high quality scores which help reduce your cost per click and maximize your monthly budget.

Google SEO

When you search Google you will notice each search usually has a marked “ad” area at the top and on the right hand side of the search results. Sometimes ads are at the bottom as well. Here is an example: This is part of the Google Marketing with Google Adwords we just discussed above.

google marketing

Below the “red” circled area is the “organic” or free listings Google shows that are there due to companies using SEO strategies to help push their sites to the top of the results of relevant keywords that can also help drive more traffic.

Technically if someone clicks on your site in this section of Google’s search results you don’t pay for each click. However, most companies only get exposure to this area after hiring a professional SEO or Search Engine Optimization company that can help them with their websites structure, on page elements, and off page link building strategies. The new term everyone is using is “content marketing” where you build “great, useful” content in hopes of creating social media buzz with your content being shared and other sites linking to that content.

We aren’t saying this doesn’t work however for small businesses with limited time, money, and resources it can be tough to execute without blogging knowledge or agency help we can provide.

Our Google SEO team provides a results focused approach and constantly reverse engineers the top pages and sites that get the most traffic. We use this information to help your site perform better in the search results and grow our traffic and authority in your industry. We have some techniques we use exclusively for our client sites.

Google SEO Marketing is more longer term then using Google Adwords so if you don’t have the budget for both and need quicker results Google Adwords marketing can sometimes be a better fit.

Google Maps Marketing

Another part of this is what we call  Google Maps marketing which is when someone does a local search and there are Google maps listings that are powered by their Google My Business product. This product is free but again cumbersome to set up and optimize right. We have Google Maps marketing experts on our team that can manage this for you. Part of this strategy is also building “citations” which are links to your website with your brand name, address, and phone number.

This signals to Google they can trust you that you can help people in their local area. You need to focus on the local area you have an address or where you service customers. For example if you are a local pest and termite control company in Phoenix you go to customers homes vs. customers coming to your location. However, you need to have an address and home base of sorts to set this up for your Google Maps Marketing.

google maps marketing

Self Service vs. Google Marketing Help?

As we shared information on the tools above we wanted to mention since you know this isn’t just for our self interest. We can definitely help you with your Google marketing strategy if you want to save time, money, and get a team of experienced Google Marketing consultants on your team.

However, all of these tools and strategies can be done if you take the time to learn and execute the strategy in house and keep abreast of any new Google changes. For example, Google My Business that was launched in May of 2014 is the 4th change since we have been in business in 2006. We first used Google Local Business Center then it became Google Places and Google + Local.

Also, in regards to Google SEO they change their algorithm over 500 times a year and the latest “Penguin 3.0” just hit Oct. 17th 2014. Google has over 200 factors and they are always changing.

Same goes for Google Adwords you technically just need a monthly budget or a daily amount you can set however do you know what “ad rank” is and how it can help you? Do you know they added site-links, ad extensions, and got rid of mobile only ads with enhanced campaigns? Did you know they just launched “call outs” for your PPC text ads and in November they have more policy changes?

The point of sharing this is first knowing the what the best Google Marketing tools and strategies are but then realizing do you have the expertise to execute these strategies yourself and do you have the time to keep track of this dynamic industry to make sure you are using the best practices?

Whether it our firm, another Google marketing agency or if you do it yourself these are things you should consider to make sure you get the best results a return on investment.

One thing we can say is having a Google marketing plan can be one of the best investments you ever make for your business. It’s the #1 site in the world for a reason.

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