Gary Vaynerchuk gives marketing advice for Local Small Businesses

If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk by now you might have been under a rock or just getting into the internet game. Gary Vaynerchuk is known for being a “lemonade stand kid” that grew his family small business from 4 million in revenue to 50 million in revenue with the internet. He video blogged consistently for 18 months before a write up in New York Magazine launched him into web celebrity status.

I first heard of Gary through this Social Media ROI: Socialnomics video where that “4 to 50 mill” stat made me look him up. My first impression online was through this Web 2.0 video he did in September of 2008 which still today has the most views of all his keynotes on YouTube. From that day on I have bought his books CRUSH IT! and Thank You Economy, (which by the way I never buy or read books) met him at one of his book signings in Tempe, AZ, and have paid attention to what he says based on what he experiences with his clients through¬†Vayner Media and his other brands like the newly launched DailyGrape.

The reason he has drawn our attention is he actually has the “chops”. He grew a local brick and mortar business ten times over with the internet. He isn’t some social media clown telling you to do Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr that use to be some MLMer trying to cash in on small business because he knows you know you have to be there and it’s a hot space right now.

He is not only a great businessman, family man, and salesman he knows givers gain and every so often he will call you on Ustream if you send him your telephone number or tweet out he’s there to take questions.

That is something he did tonight and it caught my attention.

The reason I was drawn in is a company called Spears Marketing asked the following on Twitter. <read bottom tweet up>

Then Gary quickly replied to the first question with….

and after the follow question

We loved this answer of course because we just launched this brand Lifted Websites under our umbrella of internet brands with DIAP Media. We noticed a stat recently that 46% of small businesses still don’t have a website and in our opinion from working with local small businesses since 2003 the websites they do have suck.

That is problem we are passionate about solving. We also have noticed that with Google’s recent algorithm changes it’s becoming more socialized, personalized, and takes longer to gain SEO value with a brand new website. However, with our experience in web design, internet marketing, and sales we know we can become a great solution to this problem with Lifted Websites.

Normally, Gary gives advice to use which is a useful tool as well. But being in the field and talking to small businesses we have noticed they have no time to do it the authentic way in house, don’t care, or don’t have the resources to hire someone to man the social platforms their customers are on, listen, engage, and patiently wait for their monthly investment to yield leads every day since that’s not what it’s really for and that’s what they really want.