Dental Websites and Dental Practice Website Management

Dental websitesOne of the niche markets that we cater to is dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists. We have even built dental websites for oral surgeons and dental related companies. The top reasons dentists have us manage a dental website for them is time, expertise, and money.

In today’s digital age patients are searching online and looking for the best dentists in their area that have credible, updated websites. When they click on your website from a Pay per click ad on Google or from the first page of their results they will click through multiple dental websites searching for certain aspects of your website.

Some of the top things to consider on your dental website and why we manage them for you are the following;

  • Call to Action (you should have something that tells the patient to call or fill out a form to schedule an appointment)
  • Phone Number and Address (most people searching want to know where you are and how to reach you by phone
  • Pictures and or Videos (images are a must they help make your dental website pop and stand out)
  • Easy to read simple content and pages (not using 50 pages and overwhelming content can help convert better)
  • Credibility (using association, educational, or trustworthy logos add more trust)
  • Testimonials/Reviews (add at least one or two testimonials or reviews from patients) – we can link to your Google Places where your reviews are listed as well.
  • Easy Navigation (we can make it easy for patients to find enough information to call you for an appointment)
  • Before/After Picture Gallery (if you offer Veneers for example a before and after gallery can help you get more patients)
  • Social Proof (if you add a Twitter/Facebook button to your site we can help set it up and show social proof)
  • Blog (updated content with articles that answer your top FAQs can help your dental website)

As you can see having a dental website can be cumbersome but can be a great investment if managed right by a company similar to ours that offers these services. We own a dental website design company that has helped dentists across the country.

If you need a dental website or want a quote call 888-863-7421 or fill out our quick contact form.