google adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords

Per Google:

  • AdWords, Google’s online advertising program, lets you reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime.
  • Get started at (Don’t go it alone if you don’t understand Quality Scores, Ad Rank, and other Google complexities that can cost you a lot more money then hiring a PPC management company.

Reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad.

Per Wikipedia:

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query.

google adwordsOur take on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s #1 revenue source making them over 50 Billion a year and making Google the #1 site and ad platform in the world. Why is that though? Simple.. When people search a keyword relevant to your business you can target that keyword and you only pay or use part of your budget when someone clicks the ad and goes directly to your website or a landing page where you have an opportunity to entice them to call or submit their information usually via an email or lead form.

People that are searching these keywords are usually doing research because they are at the end of the buying funnel and ready to buy what you sell. Unlike other tradition advertising or social media marketing where ads are more of a secondary interruption in someone’s entertainment channel.

Google gives businesses especially small and medium sized businesses the chance to grow their business by targeting the customers in a certain location and based on keywords that are relevant and/or profitable to your business where you can help them

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