Barber Shop Marketing: How to Grow a Barber Shop Online

Whether you are an old school barber shop or brand new barber shop in startup mode you have to market your barbershop based on where people’s attention is. Think about how you find things and where you spend most of your attention. And if you really are having a pain point in customers or want to grow your barber shop you really need to keep up with this digital, mobile, Google world we live in.

If you break it down and think about where you would look if you needed a barber or any local service provider you might come up with this list.

  • Friends, Family, Word of Mouth.. (this happens naturally and now especially through social media like with Facebook which is another way)
  • Google – nothing is better than Google at giving you the best results for what you need when you need it and where you need it…
  • Social Media – Twitter, Instagram Facebook are the main three
  • Drive by – your physical barber shop location will drive business

If you look at this list really the only two areas that are more marketing focused is your Google and Social Media presence. And if you break that down even further the two best platforms we have seen results with marketing budgets and spend is with Google SEO and Google Ads. Instagram would be a close 3rd but only if used in the right way and if your barbershop actually posts pictures 1-5 times a day consistently using local city area hashtags that are close to your barber shop.

One of the Scottsdale Barber Shops we help that does Instagram really well is @wendycutshair with Blurred Lines Barber Shop. So if you want to get an idea on how you should really be marketing on Instagram check out her account or give us a call at 888-863-7421 for help.

As for Twitter or Facebook they aren’t as good as Instagram from an organic visual local stand point with local hashtags and they would be secondary options after Instagram. Also, with Facebook you will need an ad budget to create ads that target your local area and demos because Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much dead except for existing customers wanting to connect and “like” your page.

Barber Shop Google Marketing: Barber Shop SEO, Microsites, and Google Ads

If you are a barber shop owner your number one priority should be making sure you are on the first page of Google for keywords like “barber + your city”, “barber shop + your city” ect…

If you don’t know how to rank your website with content, mobile friendly site, and backlinks then you should hire a professional like our barber shop marketing experts that can do it all for you. By getting on the first page of Google with Barber Shop SEO you will continously get in front of new customers already in the market and searching for your services.

With SEO it can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the local competition for a barber shop website to rank on Google. We can do a FREE SEO analysis on  your site to see if your barber shop website has traction and where you stand. Also, in the meantime, you can instantly get on the first page of Google with Google ads at the top of every search.

Barber Shop Google ads Management

We can set up, manage, and optimize those ads including track calls to show you ROI each month. Also, we include a custom built landing page that can also be used as another lead generating website for your business to help your barbershop grow. For example, if you were a Barber in Scottsdale, AZ we could build something like “” or another keyword website that can be used for Google Ads landing page tracking and generate leads for your barber shop organically.

It’s like having multiple chairs in a barbershop. You can either have one chair cutting hair or 2, 5, 10 chairs cutting hair and bringing in more revenue for your barber shop. In this case you can have your main branded barber shop website and then another lead site that can be used for more organic SEO or direct leads and used for a landing page on Google that converts better.

Barber Shop Websites (Microsites)

Our barber shop micro website strategy is building you a keyword focused website that will be used to attract more local customers in your area online. Think of it as a direct mail piece online. We can do the research and find you a great keyword and industry focused website based on keyword research data of what new customers are actually searching and build out, host, SEO and make it consistent with your barber shop brand.

And as mentioned above we can use the site as a landing page for your Google ads if you have the budget for that as well.

To learn more about our barber shop marketing services that start at $500 per month please call 888-863-7421 so one of our experts can go over all the options to get started.