Google’s Places Update sure looks Prime for Google Plus Business Profiles

Google is now making their reviews the prominent review link on their Google Places which is awesome. This is great especially in the dental industry where it was getting to the point every dentist needed the DemandForce magic to pump 100s of reviews people normally don’t write unless asked or gamed into it.

When I looked at the new layout and click on the “review – place page” link the first thing that jumped out was how easily this could integrate into a new Google+ Business page that many companies are already trying to create instead of patiently waiting for Google to give the green light.

This can get interesting with Google using reviews that are tied into your Google Profile and Google Plus pages search and social can be implemented better then it has ever been before. This is why no one can or will ever beat Google at Search and helping local businesses get the best ROI for the marketing budgets.

Just wait until they add Google Adwords and Offers into all of this integration. Their tool set including Google Alerts for online reputation monitoring for local small businesses is going to be so robust that it will be a no brainer to keep allocating money to Google.

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