google adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords

Per Google:

  • AdWords, Google’s online advertising program, lets you reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime.
  • Get started at (Don’t go it alone if you don’t understand Quality Scores, Ad Rank, and other Google complexities that can cost you a lot more money then hiring a PPC management company.

Reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad.

Per Wikipedia:

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query.

google adwordsOur take on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s #1 revenue source making them over 50 Billion a year and making Google the #1 site and ad platform in the world. Why is that though? Simple.. When people search a keyword relevant to your business you can target that keyword and you only pay or use part of your budget when someone clicks the ad and goes directly to your website or a landing page where you have an opportunity to entice them to call or submit their information usually via an email or lead form.

People that are searching these keywords are usually doing research because they are at the end of the buying funnel and ready to buy what you sell. Unlike other tradition advertising or social media marketing where ads are more of a secondary interruption in someone’s entertainment channel.

Google gives businesses especially small and medium sized businesses the chance to grow their business by targeting the customers in a certain location and based on keywords that are relevant and/or profitable to your business where you can help them

If you want to learn how we can help get your website visible on Google with their Google Adwords platform call us at 888-863-7421

google maps marketing

Google Marketing, Strategy, and Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Google Marketing

If you are looking for ways to grow your business online I’m sure you used Google right? Well, if you just used Google to find our Google Marketing post don’t you think new potential customers are doing the same with keywords that are relevant to your business?

Makes sense so far right?

However, maybe you heard that Google search engine marketing can get you more traffic and customers to your site but you don’t have a clue on how to use Google to attract those customers. Below we will highlight some of the best Google marketing strategies we use to help our customers get new leads every month and grow their business with the best ROI.

Google Adwords “PPC, Pay per click Ads & Management”

First, Google has an advertising program called Google Adwords this platform generates the majority of their 67 billion in revenue each year. Why does it generate so much cash? It’s simple because it works. And the best part about this platform is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad after they searched using keywords you want to target. Google’s Adwords platform allows you to target via location, keywords, and text ads you can control.

As a Google partner we can manage all of the complexities to make sure you don’t under or overspend with your Google adwords budget and make sure you get high quality scores which help reduce your cost per click and maximize your monthly budget.

Google SEO

When you search Google you will notice each search usually has a marked “ad” area at the top and on the right hand side of the search results. Sometimes ads are at the bottom as well. Here is an example: This is part of the Google Marketing with Google Adwords we just discussed above.

google marketing

Below the “red” circled area is the “organic” or free listings Google shows that are there due to companies using SEO strategies to help push their sites to the top of the results of relevant keywords that can also help drive more traffic.

Technically if someone clicks on your site in this section of Google’s search results you don’t pay for each click. However, most companies only get exposure to this area after hiring a professional SEO or Search Engine Optimization company that can help them with their websites structure, on page elements, and off page link building strategies. The new term everyone is using is “content marketing” where you build “great, useful” content in hopes of creating social media buzz with your content being shared and other sites linking to that content.

We aren’t saying this doesn’t work however for small businesses with limited time, money, and resources it can be tough to execute without blogging knowledge or agency help we can provide.

Our Google SEO team provides a results focused approach and constantly reverse engineers the top pages and sites that get the most traffic. We use this information to help your site perform better in the search results and grow our traffic and authority in your industry. We have some techniques we use exclusively for our client sites.

Google SEO Marketing is more longer term then using Google Adwords so if you don’t have the budget for both and need quicker results Google Adwords marketing can sometimes be a better fit.

Google Maps Marketing

Another part of this is what we call  Google Maps marketing which is when someone does a local search and there are Google maps listings that are powered by their Google My Business product. This product is free but again cumbersome to set up and optimize right. We have Google Maps marketing experts on our team that can manage this for you. Part of this strategy is also building “citations” which are links to your website with your brand name, address, and phone number.

This signals to Google they can trust you that you can help people in their local area. You need to focus on the local area you have an address or where you service customers. For example if you are a local pest and termite control company in Phoenix you go to customers homes vs. customers coming to your location. However, you need to have an address and home base of sorts to set this up for your Google Maps Marketing.

google maps marketing

Self Service vs. Google Marketing Help?

As we shared information on the tools above we wanted to mention since you know this isn’t just for our self interest. We can definitely help you with your Google marketing strategy if you want to save time, money, and get a team of experienced Google Marketing consultants on your team.

However, all of these tools and strategies can be done if you take the time to learn and execute the strategy in house and keep abreast of any new Google changes. For example, Google My Business that was launched in May of 2014 is the 4th change since we have been in business in 2006. We first used Google Local Business Center then it became Google Places and Google + Local.

Also, in regards to Google SEO they change their algorithm over 500 times a year and the latest “Penguin 3.0″ just hit Oct. 17th 2014. Google has over 200 factors and they are always changing.

Same goes for Google Adwords you technically just need a monthly budget or a daily amount you can set however do you know what “ad rank” is and how it can help you? Do you know they added site-links, ad extensions, and got rid of mobile only ads with enhanced campaigns? Did you know they just launched “call outs” for your PPC text ads and in November they have more policy changes?

The point of sharing this is first knowing the what the best Google Marketing tools and strategies are but then realizing do you have the expertise to execute these strategies yourself and do you have the time to keep track of this dynamic industry to make sure you are using the best practices?

Whether it our firm, another Google marketing agency or if you do it yourself these are things you should consider to make sure you get the best results a return on investment.

One thing we can say is having a Google marketing plan can be one of the best investments you ever make for your business. It’s the #1 site in the world for a reason.

Need help from our Google Marketing Agency?
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Searching for the Weebly Login? Weebly Login Suspended?

weeblyWeebly Login

If you are searching for the Weebly Login link its usually because of two reasons.

  1. You just created a free weebly website and forgot how to login into it
  2. Your Weebly login stopped working and now your weebly account is suspended.

If it is #1 here is the weebly login page

If it is #2 read our story below…

Recently we had the pleasure of our weebly login not working and our weebly account being suspended. When it comes to using Weebly’s 10 free websites per account, they only allow them as long as they don’t violate their terms and services. So what is Weebly’s terms and services and what can get your Weebly account suspended?

Great questions! We actually asked Weebly support the same thing. So if your Weebly account login isn’t working did you build a site that does any of the following things?

Weebly Content Guidelines…

These types of sites are not allowed on Weebly:

  1. Adult:  involving nudity in a sexual context, exposed genitalia or adult themes
  2. Copyrighted Content:  music, movies or games that you do not own the rights to
  3. Spam/SEO:  a site whose sole purpose is to gain Google ranking, Facebook “likes”, etc
  4. Phishing:  a site meant to trick users into providing their username and password
  5. Illegal Content:  content which may be illegal in the United States
  6. Scams:  get rich quick, pyramid/MLM, or other dubious schemes
  7. Excessive Advertising:  placing excessive advertising on your site, including more than three ad units per page
  8. File Hosting:  including sites that are not created with the Weebly editor
  9. Injurious Experience:  sites using the “Custom HTML” element that provide a horrible user experience, such as extreme flashing banners, excessive animated movement, or content that could provoke seizures in unsuspecting visitors

This list is a quick reference and is not meant to be complete. For more specific information, please refer to the full Terms at this link.

If your weebly login isn’t working any longer and your account is suspended as it was in our case good luck going through support. They could care less in helping us get our account back.

If I were you I would use alternative free website builders or better yet buy a domain name and host your own site you own and control with Hostgator so you never have to worry about losing your website again based on what they want to control with their terms and services.

seo report scottsdale

Scottsdale SEO Company Offering Free SEO Audit & Report

Are you looking for help locally in Scottsdale for a Scottsdale SEO Company? Do you need a company that can manage your website’s presence to get you more leads and credibility on Google where you know your new customers are searching? Do you want to learn how to improve your website’s rankings and where you stack up against the competition?

If any of these questions are relevant to why you landed here you found the right place. Our Scottsdale SEO company has been helping businesses and providing SEO services for over eight years now with our first company we also built a PPC Management company, Digital Internet Advertising Properties, LLC. Back then we would buy, build, SEO, and make money from websites that ranked on Google’s first pages for profitable keywords and then sold or leased the sites to reputable companies that can help Google’s searchers or users. It’s also a top ppc management company as well.

Now we are helping other local Scottsdale small and medium sized business owners do the same thing with their web properties and websites. However, first thing is first…

We can run your website through one of our many SEO tools and technology platforms that will provide an SEO audit and a free report to let you know where you stand. We can see if your site has been hit by any Google algorithmic updates like “penguin” or “panda” or if you are just starting out and have no traction at all.

If you are ready to get serious about your online marketing and sick of wasting money on the yellow pages, direct mail, and other traditional advertising methods that haven’t yielded trackable results any longer call us now at 888-863-7421 to get a free SEO Audit Report or fill in your information in our contact form in the sidebar.

Here is a great explainer video on what is SEO.

Google Stock Price

Google Stock Price Up Over 400% Since Google’s Penguin Update

Not sure if you noticed but Google stock price is up almost 500% since their initial Google Penguin update back in April of 2012.

Google Stock Price

Click here or Image for better view

A few points to consider;

But wait…

But there is more…

It’s pretty clear why their stock is going up since Google came out with the Google Penguin Updates and continue to “break the spirits” of spammers.. Unfortunately, that also hurts a lot of small businesses who don’t have the time or money to hire 300 person content marketing teams to “create content” to “link earn” or “attract links” ect…

All of this and Google Fiber, Google Glass, Google Shopping (amazon competitor) and Self Driving cars haven’t even hit yet… Ads and PPC are still Google’s way of stockpiling billions in cash..

Google $2,000 a share in the future…


Google's New PPC Text Ads on Mobile and Desktops

Google Testing New PPC Text Ads That Look Organic

I noticed Google changing the text ads on mobile phones to have a white background with a yellow tag that says “ad” over the last few months. However no one really noticed the new PPC text ads on desktop searches accept in the UK.

Then about a two weeks ago I noticed the new Google pay per click text ads on desktop searches when I wasn’t logged into my gmail account.

Now… as of today as you can see the headlines while searching Google and being logged into Google I am seeing these new text ads everytime I search whether it be a brand search like DropBox and Amazon or a local search like “diamonds phoenix”…


New Google Ads

Google's New PPC Text Ads

As a PPC Management company we are loving this change since it looks very organic and will increase clicks and conversions of PPC ads on Google.

Over 40% of people can’t even tell the difference between organic and PPC ads on Google and this will make that number increase. As SEO becomes increasingly more time consuming and harder without any content marketing strategy and just link building more and more companies will spend more money on PPC.

Marcus Tandler

The Future of Search and the Future of Google

GoogleThe Future of Search and Google

Marcus Tandler his ideas on the future of search and first goes into the history of search engines and how they progressed.

He shows how Google has constantly adapted and innovated their algorithm with the times to give you the best information as you search it in different ways you look for it.

They first started out with PageRank and links being a leading indicator of popularity and using links as votes. And then it went to keywords and keyword density. Also, along the way they added the Google Caffeine, Venice, Knowledge graph and Hummingbird updates to help with localization, personalization, speed, and the most recent content that can best answer your questions.

He thinks with Google glass and the evolution of search engines it the ten blue links will be a thing of the past.

Check out this Ted Talk about the future of Search and Google by Marcus Tandler.

matt cutts

Is the Number of Pages a Website Has a Big Ranking Factor?

In the latest, Google Webmaster Help Video by Matt Cutts he answers the question:

Does a website get a better overall ranking if it has a large amount of indexed pages?
Leah, New York

This question is great when it comes to small business websites vs big brands or news and media sites because most small businesses don’t have a reason for lots of pages but can use their blog to create content and get more posts indexed.

Bottomline, if you create a page make it a dedicated landing page that targets unique content and keywords that isn’t on any other pages of your site. The idea behind this is Matt Cutts mentioned the only reason to have more pages is for more “opportunity” to rank for new or other keywords that you haven’t targeted with any other pages. Lastly, he mentions it’s still about getting links pointed to the pages of your website.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Is Banfield Pet Hospital Promoted Tweet Smart or Insensitive?

If you haven’t heard yet, there was a Rottweiler shot trying to protect it’s owner that was being handcuffed by the Hawthorne Police Department. Unfortunately, I watched the video of this dog brutally murdered since it was in my Twitter stream for breaking news and “going viral”.


I was instantly drawn to it because I’m a huge dog lover and especially Rottweilers. I owned a Rottweiler that passed away after suffering from cancer for over a year. I know they are loyal, trustworthy dogs that love their owners and would give their life to protect their owner as this dog was doing.

That was yesterday but today I wanted to see if there was any more details, news, or reprimands that the officer might face for doing this to this dog. So I went to Twitter and searched the hashtag #HawthorneDogKilling

When I did that I noticed this “promoted tweet” from Banfield Pet Hospital using that search to promote a free coupon for dog owners. They used a Google tracking link and sent people to a landing page (Banfield Pet Hopital removed the page) to collect their info.

Banfield Pet Hospital


My gut said this is F’d up to use a tragedy to promote a free coupon to build a list. My brain as an internet marketing consultant said I see what they are doing and there are a ton of loving dog owners that are outraged using that hashtag.

And here we are with a blog post to get your feedback. Do you think this is smart or insensitive? Do you think using tragedies and hashtags that might surround someone’s death whether a human or a dog is a good form of social media marketing?

Bing Ads on Google Adwords

Even Bing Uses Google Adwords PPC Program

I noticed that some companies target “adwords” as a keyword to attract companies and people to their PPC Management services. It makes sense since some people will just type “adwords” to sign in to an adwords account they set up or they are managing.

However, when doing that search recently I found Bing conquesting and trying to attract people to start using Bing Ads.

Check out this screenshot below of Bing using Google Adwords to market their own “PPC” ad platform.

Bing Ads on Google Adwords

I thought this was great for a few reasons…

  • It proves to the businesses I hear all the time saying “but I never click there..” Really? If you still think no one clicks on PPC ads check this out, and now even Bing is using Google!
  • Conquesting as a PPC strategy is a great way to leverage thousands or millions of dollars that other competitors and brands spend that are in your space. You can bid on their name and show up in front of their customers offering your services as an option.
  • Google is very effective. Think about it… A company like Microsoft that rebranded their search engine to Bing is using Google’s PPC program Adwords to market their ad platform and search engine.