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Barber Shop Marketing: How to Grow a Barber Shop Online

Whether you are an old school barber shop or brand new barber shop in startup mode you have to market your barbershop based on where people’s attention is. Think about how you find things and where you spend most of your attention. And if you really are having a pain point in customers or want to grow your barber shop you really need to keep up with this digital, mobile, Google world we live in.

If you break it down and think about where you would look if you needed a barber or any local service provider you might come up with this list.

  • Friends, Family, Word of Mouth.. (this happens naturally and now especially through social media like with Facebook which is another way)
  • Google – nothing is better than Google at giving you the best results for what you need when you need it and where you need it…
  • Social Media – Twitter, Instagram Facebook are the main three
  • Drive by – your physical barber shop location will drive business

If you look at this list really the only two areas that are more marketing focused is your Google and Social Media presence. And if you break that down even further the two best platforms we have seen results with marketing budgets and spend is with Google SEO and Google Ads. Instagram would be a close 3rd but only if used in the right way and if your barbershop actually posts pictures 1-5 times a day consistently using local city area hashtags that are close to your barber shop.

One of the Scottsdale Barber Shops we help that does Instagram really well is @wendycutshair with Blurred Lines Barber Shop. So if you want to get an idea on how you should really be marketing on Instagram check out her account or give us a call at 888-863-7421 for help.

As for Twitter or Facebook they aren’t as good as Instagram from an organic visual local stand point with local hashtags and they would be secondary options after Instagram. Also, with Facebook you will need an ad budget to create ads that target your local area and demos because Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much dead except for existing customers wanting to connect and “like” your page.

Barber Shop Google Marketing: Barber Shop SEO, Microsites, and Google Ads

If you are a barber shop owner your number one priority should be making sure you are on the first page of Google for keywords like “barber + your city”, “barber shop + your city” ect…

If you don’t know how to rank your website with content, mobile friendly site, and backlinks then you should hire a professional like our barber shop marketing experts that can do it all for you. By getting on the first page of Google with Barber Shop SEO you will continously get in front of new customers already in the market and searching for your services.

With SEO it can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the local competition for a barber shop website to rank on Google. We can do a FREE SEO analysis on  your site to see if your barber shop website has traction and where you stand. Also, in the meantime, you can instantly get on the first page of Google with Google ads at the top of every search.

Barber Shop Google ads Management

We can set up, manage, and optimize those ads including track calls to show you ROI each month. Also, we include a custom built landing page that can also be used as another lead generating website for your business to help your barbershop grow. For example, if you were a Barber in Scottsdale, AZ we could build something like “” or another keyword website that can be used for Google Ads landing page tracking and generate leads for your barber shop organically.

It’s like having multiple chairs in a barbershop. You can either have one chair cutting hair or 2, 5, 10 chairs cutting hair and bringing in more revenue for your barber shop. In this case you can have your main branded barber shop website and then another lead site that can be used for more organic SEO or direct leads and used for a landing page on Google that converts better.

Barber Shop Websites (Microsites)

Our barber shop micro website strategy is building you a keyword focused website that will be used to attract more local customers in your area online. Think of it as a direct mail piece online. We can do the research and find you a great keyword and industry focused website based on keyword research data of what new customers are actually searching and build out, host, SEO and make it consistent with your barber shop brand.

And as mentioned above we can use the site as a landing page for your Google ads if you have the budget for that as well.

To learn more about our barber shop marketing services that start at $500 per month please call 888-863-7421 so one of our experts can go over all the options to get started.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords

Per Google:

  • AdWords, Google’s online advertising program, lets you reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime.
  • Get started at (Don’t go it alone if you don’t understand Quality Scores, Ad Rank, and other Google complexities that can cost you a lot more money then hiring a PPC management company.

Reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad.

Per Wikipedia:

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query.

google adwordsOur take on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s #1 revenue source making them over 50 Billion a year and making Google the #1 site and ad platform in the world. Why is that though? Simple.. When people search a keyword relevant to your business you can target that keyword and you only pay or use part of your budget when someone clicks the ad and goes directly to your website or a landing page where you have an opportunity to entice them to call or submit their information usually via an email or lead form.

People that are searching these keywords are usually doing research because they are at the end of the buying funnel and ready to buy what you sell. Unlike other tradition advertising or social media marketing where ads are more of a secondary interruption in someone’s entertainment channel.

Google gives businesses especially small and medium sized businesses the chance to grow their business by targeting the customers in a certain location and based on keywords that are relevant and/or profitable to your business where you can help them

If you want to learn how we can help get your website visible on Google with their Google Adwords platform call us at 888-863-7421

Google Marketing, Strategy, and Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Google Marketing

If you are looking for ways to grow your business online I’m sure you used Google right? Well, if you just used Google to find our Google Marketing post don’t you think new potential customers are doing the same with keywords that are relevant to your business?

Makes sense so far right?

However, maybe you heard that Google search engine marketing can get you more traffic and customers to your site but you don’t have a clue on how to use Google to attract those customers. Below we will highlight some of the best Google marketing strategies we use to help our customers get new leads every month and grow their business with the best ROI.

Google Adwords “PPC, Pay per click Ads & Management”

First, Google has an advertising program called Google Adwords this platform generates the majority of their 67 billion in revenue each year. Why does it generate so much cash? It’s simple because it works. And the best part about this platform is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad after they searched using keywords you want to target. Google’s Adwords platform allows you to target via location, keywords, and text ads you can control.

As a Google partner we can manage all of the complexities to make sure you don’t under or overspend with your Google adwords budget and make sure you get high quality scores which help reduce your cost per click and maximize your monthly budget.

Google SEO

When you search Google you will notice each search usually has a marked “ad” area at the top and on the right hand side of the search results. Sometimes ads are at the bottom as well. Here is an example: This is part of the Google Marketing with Google Adwords we just discussed above.

google marketing

Below the “red” circled area is the “organic” or free listings Google shows that are there due to companies using SEO strategies to help push their sites to the top of the results of relevant keywords that can also help drive more traffic.

Technically if someone clicks on your site in this section of Google’s search results you don’t pay for each click. However, most companies only get exposure to this area after hiring a professional SEO or Search Engine Optimization company that can help them with their websites structure, on page elements, and off page link building strategies. The new term everyone is using is “content marketing” where you build “great, useful” content in hopes of creating social media buzz with your content being shared and other sites linking to that content.

We aren’t saying this doesn’t work however for small businesses with limited time, money, and resources it can be tough to execute without blogging knowledge or agency help we can provide.

Our Google SEO team provides a results focused approach and constantly reverse engineers the top pages and sites that get the most traffic. We use this information to help your site perform better in the search results and grow our traffic and authority in your industry. We have some techniques we use exclusively for our client sites.

Google SEO Marketing is more longer term then using Google Adwords so if you don’t have the budget for both and need quicker results Google Adwords marketing can sometimes be a better fit.

Google Maps Marketing

Another part of this is what we call  Google Maps marketing which is when someone does a local search and there are Google maps listings that are powered by their Google My Business product. This product is free but again cumbersome to set up and optimize right. We have Google Maps marketing experts on our team that can manage this for you. Part of this strategy is also building “citations” which are links to your website with your brand name, address, and phone number.

This signals to Google they can trust you that you can help people in their local area. You need to focus on the local area you have an address or where you service customers. For example if you are a local pest and termite control company in Phoenix you go to customers homes vs. customers coming to your location. However, you need to have an address and home base of sorts to set this up for your Google Maps Marketing.

google maps marketing

Self Service vs. Google Marketing Help?

As we shared information on the tools above we wanted to mention since you know this isn’t just for our self interest. We can definitely help you with your Google marketing strategy if you want to save time, money, and get a team of experienced Google Marketing consultants on your team.

However, all of these tools and strategies can be done if you take the time to learn and execute the strategy in house and keep abreast of any new Google changes. For example, Google My Business that was launched in May of 2014 is the 4th change since we have been in business in 2006. We first used Google Local Business Center then it became Google Places and Google + Local.

Also, in regards to Google SEO they change their algorithm over 500 times a year and the latest “Penguin 3.0” just hit Oct. 17th 2014. Google has over 200 factors and they are always changing.

Same goes for Google Adwords you technically just need a monthly budget or a daily amount you can set however do you know what “ad rank” is and how it can help you? Do you know they added site-links, ad extensions, and got rid of mobile only ads with enhanced campaigns? Did you know they just launched “call outs” for your PPC text ads and in November they have more policy changes?

The point of sharing this is first knowing the what the best Google Marketing tools and strategies are but then realizing do you have the expertise to execute these strategies yourself and do you have the time to keep track of this dynamic industry to make sure you are using the best practices?

Whether it our firm, another Google marketing agency or if you do it yourself these are things you should consider to make sure you get the best results a return on investment.

One thing we can say is having a Google marketing plan can be one of the best investments you ever make for your business. It’s the #1 site in the world for a reason.

Need help from our Google Marketing Agency?
Call us so we can learn more about your business so we can provide a custom proposal. 888-863-7421

Scottsdale SEO Company Offering Free SEO Audit & Report

Are you looking for help locally in Scottsdale for a Scottsdale SEO Company? Do you need a company that can manage your website’s presence to get you more leads and credibility on Google where you know your new customers are searching? Do you want to learn how to improve your website’s rankings and where you stack up against the competition?

If any of these questions are relevant to why you landed here you found the right place. Our Scottsdale SEO company has been helping businesses and providing SEO services for over eight years now with our first company was built by SEO Experts based in Phoenix, Digital Internet Advertising Properties, LLC. Back then we would buy, build, SEO, and make money from websites that ranked on Google’s first pages for profitable keywords and then sold or leased the sites to reputable companies that can help Google’s searchers or users. It’s also a top ppc management company as well.

Now we are helping other local Scottsdale small and medium sized business owners do the same thing with their web properties and websites. However, first thing is first…

We can run your website through one of our many SEO tools and technology platforms that will provide an SEO audit and a free report to let you know where you stand. We can see if your site has been hit by any Google algorithmic updates like “penguin” or “panda” or if you are just starting out and have no traction at all.

If you are ready to get serious about your online marketing and sick of wasting money on the yellow pages, direct mail, and other traditional advertising methods that haven’t yielded trackable results any longer call us now at 888-863-7421 to get a free SEO Audit Report or fill in your information in our contact form in the sidebar.

Here is a great explainer video on what is SEO.

Looking For a Raven Tools Alternative?

seo toolsOver the last few months we found ourselves looking for a Raven Tools (SEO & Internet Marketing Tools) alternative.

We loved having Raven Tools as our primary agency tool to report rankings, use SEMRush, and use their link building tools for our clients. Another big advantage was the white labeled PDF report features that saved us time in creating custom reports on the fly and sending them to our clients.

We even found Raven Tools when searching for a web based SEO tool when we decided not to renew with SEO Powersuite with Link Assistant. At the time they were the best web based SEO tool we could find.

However, 2 of the 3 main seo tools we used heavily they decided to get rid of because they rather keep their Google Adwords API which we never used at all. The research and data we get from Google Adwords Tools directly are sufficient. So we started searching all of the blogs, forums, and Google for a “Raven Tools alternative”. In the meantime, we stopped paying Raven Tools and signed up directly with SEMRush since this was one of the integrated tools they got rid of as well.

We noticed this blog post they did on the first page of Google for our Raven Tools alternative search. Once we saw this kick ass comparison table we signed up pretty quickly for their $1.00 free trial.

After a week or so of using their platform we have to say we finally found the most complete SEO software solution and are even thinking of cancelling our SEMRush and SEOMoz subscriptions  (we are in a 30 day test of SEOMoz, haven’t used it in years and still not a good fit for us with Software like SEOProfiler out there)

How To Rank on the First Page of Google

Ever since the Penguin update back in April/May this year everyone is now concerned about their link profile to their website. Google’s Penguin update went after blog networks, paid links, and links that have the same anchor text keyword in every link. Some sites used these link building practices before Google’s Penguin update and it worked.  Now they are trying to clean up the mess and figure out what to do now for their small business’s link building plan.

Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts the Google Spam master and the go to guy that spits advice on how to rank with Google in the “white hat” way has done four videos about links and link building.

Google’s view on Guest Posts for Links

Google’s View on Article Marketing, Widgets, Footers, Themes for Links

Google’s Views on Removing Links to your Website

Google’s Link Removal Tool

In the end, if you build a brand, be useful, and attract trusted, relevant links naturally you will win and build trust with Google for your own site. The problem is most “mom and pops” or small business owners don’t get the same benefit of naturally attracting a Wall Street Journal or CNN trusted media outlet linking to them like the bigger brands.

So what should you do as a small business owner in your local area when it comes to link building?

  • Reach out to partners, suppliers, vendors that you have relationships with and ask for a link somewhere on their site or blog where it makes sense and is user friendly
  • Sponsor local events in your area that have a website that list and link to sponsors
  • Submit your site to local directories. You can use services like Yext to manage this process
  • Get involved with Social Media or at least secure social profiles that allow you to add your website link to those profiles
  • Use Press Releases to announce significant events at your company
  • Reach out to local journalists and news personalities to offer content on their media platform that is useful and makes sense when it occurs
  • Create content on your blog or a branded blog that targets your audience and is useful
  • Get involved on blogs that are relevant to your industry leaving comments with your name/company name.
  • Look for Forums to be involved in and add useful insights and answers to questions to be a productive member.
  • Reverse engineer your competition’s websites, learning what they are doing that you are missing with your website that is getting them links. We can run backlinks for any website for you  let us know if you need help.
  • Find opportunities with educational or government entities in your local area where there could be a potential relationship with them and helping students or sponsoring a program to help other people.
  • Find out what is the most popular searched keywords in your local area and learn what companies rank for those keywords to see if there is a way to form a partnership, sponsorship, or link.
  • Target links on sites where you can actual get sales vs. just link to rank for a keyword
  • Be sure to vary your link anchor text to have your name, company name, brand, and keywords. Also remember to link to different relevant pages to your website not just the home page. And use your contact us page for links in directories sometimes to mix it up.

Let us know if you have found success with any other link building techniques that turned into converted traffic and sales. Also, if you would like help with your online advertising and seo strategy call us at 888-863-7421

How to Rank on Google’s First Page?

Every website owner that uses their website for sales and profits wants to know how to rank on Google’s first page? Specifically how can you rank your website on a the first page of Google for the targeted profitable keyword terms that will make you money?

Well recently we stumbled upon this awesome infographic to show you currently what the “2012” Google Ranking factors that work the most.

In our experience it has always been about content links. Well you if you provide killer content then naturally you will build a great online reputation, brand, and attract links. But if you wanted to aggressively go after the first page results of Google you can build up links in a diverse manner just like an investment portfolio.

google ranking factors

If this looks like a lot of work, to hard to understand, or you just want an internet marketing & seo firm that will execute a link building strategy for you to help rank on the first page of the search engines like Google let us know at 888-863-7421.

Dental Websites and Dental Practice Website Management

Dental websitesOne of the niche markets that we cater to is dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists. We have even built dental websites for oral surgeons and dental related companies. The top reasons dentists have us manage a dental website for them is time, expertise, and money.

In today’s digital age patients are searching online and looking for the best dentists in their area that have credible, updated websites. When they click on your website from a Pay per click ad on Google or from the first page of their results they will click through multiple dental websites searching for certain aspects of your website.

Some of the top things to consider on your dental website and why we manage them for you are the following;

  • Call to Action (you should have something that tells the patient to call or fill out a form to schedule an appointment)
  • Phone Number and Address (most people searching want to know where you are and how to reach you by phone
  • Pictures and or Videos (images are a must they help make your dental website pop and stand out)
  • Easy to read simple content and pages (not using 50 pages and overwhelming content can help convert better)
  • Credibility (using association, educational, or trustworthy logos add more trust)
  • Testimonials/Reviews (add at least one or two testimonials or reviews from patients) – we can link to your Google Places where your reviews are listed as well.
  • Easy Navigation (we can make it easy for patients to find enough information to call you for an appointment)
  • Before/After Picture Gallery (if you offer Veneers for example a before and after gallery can help you get more patients)
  • Social Proof (if you add a Twitter/Facebook button to your site we can help set it up and show social proof)
  • Blog (updated content with articles that answer your top FAQs can help your dental website)

As you can see having a dental website can be cumbersome but can be a great investment if managed right by a company similar to ours that offers these services. We own a dental website design company that has helped dentists across the country.

If you need a dental website or want a quote call 888-863-7421 or fill out our quick contact form.

Gary Vaynerchuk gives marketing advice for Local Small Businesses

If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk by now you might have been under a rock or just getting into the internet game. Gary Vaynerchuk is known for being a “lemonade stand kid” that grew his family small business from 4 million in revenue to 50 million in revenue with the internet. He video blogged consistently for 18 months before a write up in New York Magazine launched him into web celebrity status.

I first heard of Gary through this Social Media ROI: Socialnomics video where that “4 to 50 mill” stat made me look him up. My first impression online was through this Web 2.0 video he did in September of 2008 which still today has the most views of all his keynotes on YouTube. From that day on I have bought his books CRUSH IT! and Thank You Economy, (which by the way I never buy or read books) met him at one of his book signings in Tempe, AZ, and have paid attention to what he says based on what he experiences with his clients through Vayner Media and his other brands like the newly launched DailyGrape.

The reason he has drawn our attention is he actually has the “chops”. He grew a local brick and mortar business ten times over with the internet. He isn’t some social media clown telling you to do Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr that use to be some MLMer trying to cash in on small business because he knows you know you have to be there and it’s a hot space right now.

He is not only a great businessman, family man, and salesman he knows givers gain and every so often he will call you on Ustream if you send him your telephone number or tweet out he’s there to take questions.

That is something he did tonight and it caught my attention.

The reason I was drawn in is a company called Spears Marketing asked the following on Twitter. <read bottom tweet up>

Then Gary quickly replied to the first question with….

and after the follow question

We loved this answer of course because we just launched this brand Lifted Websites under our umbrella of internet brands with DIAP Media. We noticed a stat recently that 46% of small businesses still don’t have a website and in our opinion from working with local small businesses since 2003 the websites they do have suck.

That is problem we are passionate about solving. We also have noticed that with Google’s recent algorithm changes it’s becoming more socialized, personalized, and takes longer to gain SEO value with a brand new website. However, with our experience in web design, internet marketing, and sales we know we can become a great solution to this problem with Lifted Websites.

Normally, Gary gives advice to use which is a useful tool as well. But being in the field and talking to small businesses we have noticed they have no time to do it the authentic way in house, don’t care, or don’t have the resources to hire someone to man the social platforms their customers are on, listen, engage, and patiently wait for their monthly investment to yield leads every day since that’s not what it’s really for and that’s what they really want.